High School

High School Classes meet every Wednesday afternoon                                           

Learning activities have included... 

Student in Science Class.

High School students take a hands-on approach to understanding the heart and liver of a deer.

Students in Writing Class

Students write about the renovation of the Paramount Theatre to be published in a class book.

Students on Fieldtrip

The high school class also toured the 
Arts and Hospitality program at Kirkwood
Community College.

Workplace Learning Connection - The Workplace Learning Connection offers 2 options of bringing students together with area business professionals. The first option is a job shadow which allows sophomores, juniors and seniors to spend 2-6 hours with an area professional to get a first hand look at their typical work day. The second option is an internship which allows high school juniors and seniors to spend 45-90 hours of planned and supervised career experience in a job of interest to them.    If you are interested in either a job shadow or internship, please click on the Workplace Learning Connection link. If you decide one is right for you, contact Andrea Malek (amalek@cr.k12.ia.us) in our office to begin the application process.

Cedar Rapids Home School Student Checks Out Neat Job Opportunities

Nanci Young, Workplace Learning Connection

Cedar Rapids Home School student Jessica Pedersen is actually considering a career field that emphasizes every parents’ dream – keeping a spotless room and maintaining hygienic personal habits!  Yes, people actually get paid for this, and get paid quite handsomely to do what the majority of parents want their kids to do right now.  Jessica participated in the Surgical Tech Day group job shadow at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, coordinated by Workplace Learning Connection.

During Pedersen’s experience, she washed … no, scrubbed … her hands and forearms, diligently, like her life depended on it.  She discovered that, in a Surgical Tech job, life does actually depend on keeping a dirt-free, sanitary environment.  After scrubbing in, the students went into a hospital room to examine how good they were at really getting rid of the germs.  Black light revealed that it’s a much tougher job than they thought!  The fun continued by finding out how to don operating room gear - gloves, gowns, face masks - while not compromising all of the work they just did in scrubbing up.  After finally getting on the gear, they learned how surgeons and techs move in an operating room so as to not contaminate themselves by accidently touching any non-sterile item, such as your, or your colleague’s, back!

In addition to learning how to keep themselves clean, and keep a clean room, Jessica and her fellow students also practiced laproscopic ‘surgery’ by using the latest equipment to retrieve a candy bar from a ‘patient’s torso’.  Once again, not as easy as it looks!  Then, on to the room that covered how to perform a tracheal intubation on a ‘patient’ mannequin.  The high schoolers also got to work the DaVinci Robot, a state-of-the-art surgical machine owned by the hospital.

The great part about the day was that Jessica really enjoyed learning about the importance of cleanliness and how necessary it is to the health and well-being of her potential future.  And, she learned it from someone other than her own parent!  What a bonus!

Pedersen is operating on a good plan by investigating a career path while still in high school.  This experience is helping her make decisions about her future while it’s still affordable to explore a variety of paths.  The Cedar Rapids Community School District partners with Workplace Learning Connection because both believe in a vibrant community with a workforce ready for a changing world.  WLC supports the next generation as they navigate and connect to a shared future.  To learn how to connect to high school students or to the business community through work-based learning, go to www.workplace-learning.org.