Hour of Code

“Hour of  Code”

A Global Learning Event

Every year, the CRHSAP participates in "Hour of Code." Hour of Code challenges all students, grades K – 12, to spend at least one hour learning how to code by watching short video tutorials, solving puzzles, and moving through levels of increasing difficulty.

This event is part of the International Computer Science Education Week. Students attending Enrichment Courses through our HSAP were given opportunity to access the Hour of Code website during their Science class (Grade K-5), 21st Century Skills class (Grades 6-8), and Chemistry Class (Grades 9-12). Students who do not attend our Enrichment Classes had opportunity to participate by attending one of our “Open Lab” times.

Last year, we had over 140 home school students participating in this event. Some of the Middle School students created their own apps. Web-links to their programs and apps are below.

For more information visit: https://hourofcode.com/us

Students can access the website here: https://code.org/learn


Students Created Apps.

(Click the links below to run apps created by students during Hour of Code 2016)

Student 1:  https://studio.code.org/c/301233518

Student 2:  https://studio.code.org/c/308860823

Student 4: https://studio.code.org/c/126039243

Student 5: https://studio.code.org/c/308906285

Student 6: https://studio.code.org/c/308845130

Student 7: https://studio.code.org/c/308736161