The Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance Program provides a state-licensed Resource Teacher to work with your family. You can e-mail each of our teachers and our secretary by clicking on the appropriate address below. Phone numbers are also listed for your convenience.

Ms. Deann Ongie,  Lead Teacher

Phone: 558-1946

Ms. Kathie Duesenberg, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-1819

Mr. Wayne Fritch, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-1031

Ms. Karen Hyland, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-1014

Ms. Andrea Malek, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-4673

Ms. Laura Reed, Resource Teacher 

Phone: 558-1184

Ms. Peggy Ziemer, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-3897

Ms. Mary Rasmussen, HSAP Secretary

Phone: 558.4176