Urgent - Please Complete The Survey

In an effort to best serve our students, we request families complete the survey that was emailed on April 9.

School Closure Extended by Governor Reynolds

On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Reynolds ordered an extension to the school closures through April 30th. This means our CRCSD buildings and schools will...


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The Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance Program provides a state-licensed Resource Teacher to work with your family. You can e-mail each of our teachers and our department secretary by clicking on the appropriate address below. Phone numbers are also listed for your convenience.

Ms. April Tierney,  Lead Teacher

Phone: 558-1658


Ms. Jeannie Johnson, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-3520


Mr. Wayne Fritch, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-1031


Ms. Cheryl Scherbaum, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-1133


Ms. Kristin Schmaltz, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-3072


Ms. Peggy Ziemer, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-3897


Mr. Cossolotto, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-4209


Ms. Josie Norton, Resource Teacher

Phone: 558-4209


Ms. Mary Rasmussen, HSAP Secretary

Phone: 558-2088