Elementary Classes

Students attending Kindergarten-5th grade classes meet every Tuesday or Wednesday.

Students rotate through Art, Science, Music, Math and Gym. They forge good friendships as they learn, play and eat lunch together. These relationships are an important benefit of our program.


Physical Education, taught by Coach Wayne

The main goal for K-5 students attending PE classes is to MOVE. Students will be introduced to fun ways to be active. Specific units and activities will include tennis, bowling, scooters, stacking cups, and outdoor/indoor games. Students will learn:


  • social skills
  • the importance of enjoying movement
  • how to move within personal space and defined boundaries
  • how to listen and follow game rules


Science, taught by Josie Norton

My goal as a science teacher is to instill a love of science in all students. All grade levels will be given frequent opportunities to do hands-on-activities and will learn the skills to collaborate as a group to complete the activities.



Multiple units will be taught to each grade level. This year the kindergarten and 1st grade units will be Plants and Animals, Air and Weather, and Sound and Light. The 2nd and 3rd grade kits will be Solids and Liquids, Pebbles, Sand, and Salt, and Structures of Life. 4th and 5th grade units will be Earth and Sun, Energy, and Environments.


Art, taught by Cheryl Scherbaum

The focus of this class will be learning the fundamentals of art, such as using art tools appropriately, drawing, painting, and 3-D forms. We will touch base on the elements and principles of design through these lessons. My 3 main goals are to teach the kind of lessons that may not necessarily be taught at home, have meaningful lessons, and be fun for the students. 



This year, our classes will be learning about ‘ME’, talking about ‘MY’ family and looking at the world to see where ‘MY’ ancestors have come from. We will look at timelines of present and past events. We will look at changes that have happened in our world. We will be asking parents to help us by providing information through interviews with your student they will bring home in the first 2 weeks.