High School FAQ's

How do I earn credits toward a home school high school diploma?  

There are many ways to earn credits toward a high school diploma as a home school student.  You can purchase curriculum, dual-enroll into a public high school for academic or extra-curricular classes, take Apex online classes through our program, register for online classes through institutions such as the University of Nebraska or the University of Missouri, create your own home school class or a combination of any of the above.

What kind of curriculum is available for home school high school students through your program?  

We have Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies curriculum available for you to rent. We also have various textbooks available in our Lending Library.  

What are the graduation requirements for home school high school students?  

Students must complete 20 credits as follows:  Language Arts-4 credits, Math-3 credits, Science-3 credits, Social Studies-3 credits, and PE-1 credit.  A minimum of 6 elective credits is also required which may include any subject area.  Students and parents must keep track of hours worked and grades. These records are then given to your resource teacher to be used on your transcript.  Program resource teachers provide support in this process.

Is there a home school high school graduation ceremony? 

CR-HSAP holds a formal cap-and-gown graduation ceremony the end of May. 

Can I transfer credits for classes taught at home back to a public or private high school?  

Generally, no, but it depends on the guidelines set up by individual school districts or private schools.  Cedar Rapids School District policy does not permit credits earned from classes taught at home to count toward public high school graduation requirements.

What additional opportunities for high school students are offered through your program?  

We offer weekly high school enrichment classes that cover various subjects.  Some field trips and fine arts performances are geared toward older students.  Job shadowing and internship opportunities can be arranged through Kirkwood ’s Workplace Learning Connection.

Are any accommodations made for students with special needs? 

Adjustments to graduation requirements to accommodate any open IEP goals or 504 plans could be made for special needs students achieving up to their potential.  Special needs services provided to any public high school student are also available to home school students in the CR-HSAP.    

Is any kind of formal assessment required/available for home school high school students?  

The CRHSAP administers Iowa Assessment Tests, the standardized testing for high school students. The testing is given in April and is optional.  However, students pursuing the program’s high school diploma are required to take some form of standardized testing their junior and/or senior year.  Other nationally recognized standardized tests might include ACT, SAT, and Woodcock Johnson III.

What kinds of support services are available to parents of home school high school students enrolled in the CR-HSAP?   

Parents receive the services of a certified resource teacher who will help determine high school goals and help document credits earned on students’ high school transcripts.  Resource teachers also act as liaisons with district high schools, and can provide letters of recommendation as needed for the college application process.     

What are the program requirements for home school high school families?  

High school students enrolled in the CR-HSAP are bound by the same requirements as all students under Competent Private Instruction as defined by Iowa law.  See the Iowa Department of Education website by clicking on the "About Us" tabfor more details.  All families in the program are required to have 16 contacts with a resource teacher during the course of the school year.  If students attend our classes, 4 face to face meetings are required. Otherwise, 8 face to face meeting are expected.    

Can credits earned from a public/private institution be transferred to a home school high school diploma?  

Credit for high school courses completed and passed will be counted toward the program’s graduation requirements upon receipt of that high school's transcript.   

How early can credits earned from a high school class be counted toward the requirements for graduation?  

High school course work completed during a student’s 8th grade school year, but no earlier, can be counted toward the program’s graduation requirements.