High School

Students attending High School Classes meet every Friday
Students rotate through Art, Writing, and Science. Our students enjoy attending classes together, and also eating lunch together. Great friendships between students have developed in these classes.

Art, taught by Cheryl Scherbaum

The students will experience a variety of mediums and materials while creating their artworks at the HSAP enrichment classes. Art classes teach kids to: observe, communicate, evaluate, experiment, reflect, problem solve, respect differences, try new things, develop an eye for detail, appreciate beauty in all forms, trust in their own voice, learn history, innovate, dream, learn from mistakes, make connections, persevere, share work, collaborate, express themselves, celebrate diversity, engage, design, and imagine.

Biology, taught by Kristin Schmaltz

Students will be learning about the following units: Organisms, Ecosystems, Human Impact, and Anatomy. There are many concepts to cover within these four units, some will be longer than others. Depending on student interests, we may also cover other concepts within Biology (Genetics, DNA, Cells, etc.) During Biology, students will be participating in classroom discussions, various labs, experiments, small group work, and research. Students will work to answer questions about the world around them, investigate & solve problems, and collaborate with peers/staff. No background knowledge required to participate in classroom activities/lessons!

Writing, taught by Jeannie Johnson

This class will focus on the standards in writing. Students will write informative/explanatory texts, develop real or imagined narratives, and write arguments to support claims. Each type of writing will focus on clear, cohesive paragraphs and structure writing effectively for a variety of audiences. Students will be expected to go through the writing process: plan, write, revise, rewrite and publish. We will have opportunities to display writing at events throughout the year.


Learning activities have included... 

Student in Science Class.

High School students take a hands-on approach to understanding the heart and liver of a deer.

Students in Writing Class

Students write about the renovation of the Paramount Theatre to be published in a class book.

Students on Fieldtrip

The high school class also toured the 
Arts and Hospitality program at Kirkwood
Community College.

Workplace Learning Connection - The Workplace Learning Connection offers 2 options of bringing students together with area business professionals. The first option is a job shadow which allows sophomores, juniors and seniors to spend 2-6 hours with an area professional to get a first hand look at their typical work day. The second option is an internship which allows high school juniors and seniors to spend 45-90 hours of planned and supervised career experience in a job of interest to them. If you are interested in either a job shadow or internship, please click on the Workplace Learning Connection link: www.workplace-learning.org. If you decide one is right for you, contact Kristin Schmaltz (kschmaltz@cr.k12.ia.us) in our office to begin the application process.