Middle School

Students attending Middle School Enrichment Classes (Grades 6-8) meet every Thursday.

Below is a listing of Enrichment Classes along with the teachers name and a brief description of content to be taught in the Fall of 2021.


Ms. Kristin

Science education involves performing experiments, exploring, researching, observing, hypothesizing, testing, collaborating, and learning. Students will explore a wide variety of science topics, perform hands-on activities, and work in groups with their same aged peers. Science enrichment classes provide an opportunity for students to have fun and gain an understanding of the world around them.




Writing class will creatively apply reading, writing, and speaking/listening skills.   Student curiosity and critical thinking skills will be nurtured by providing diverse and interactive opportunities throughout these areas as well as cross-curricularly.  Additionally, different forms of writing will be experimented with: Narrative (& personal), Informational, Persuasive, Opinion (descriptive).  



Mr. Matt

Over the course of the 30 class periods, students will be introduced to theories, terms, and strategies at both the macro and micro economic levels. The students will gain practice thinking like an economist when it comes to larger issues such as taxation and regulation as well as personal issues such as buying a car, saving for retirement, or starting a business.



Ms. Cheryl

In middle school, students will broaden their understanding of art fundamentals by focusing on different styles of art so the student can begin to develop their own. Styles such as pop art, cubism, impressionism, and contemporary will be explored.  We continue to work on developing their age-appropriate skill set and introduction of harder concepts, such as plaster casting, printmaking, sculpting, and realism in painting/drawing.  These tweens and teens will find art a little more challenging and rewarding when they see art can be for any ability level.