Middle School

Students attending Middle School Classes meet every Thursday. 
Students rotate through Art, Science, Writing, and 21st Century Skills. Our students enjoy attending classes together, and also eating lunch together. Great friendships between students have developed in these classes, which our staff considers a fabulous benefit.


Art, taught by Cheryl Scherbaum

The students will experience a variety of mediums and materials while creating their artworks at the HSAP enrichment classes. Art classes teach kids to: observe, communicate, evaluate, experiment, reflect, problem solve, respect differences, try new things, develop an eye for detail, appreciate beauty in all forms, trust in their own voice, learn history, innovate, dream, learn from mistakes, make connections, persevere, share work, collaborate, express themselves, celebrate diversity, engage, design, and imagine.


Science, taught by Kristin Schmaltz

The focus of middle school science this year will be varied based on levels. Topics include but are not limited to: Earth & Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. There will be many hands-on investigations and group activities throughout the year. Students will be able to develop and test ideas in order to gain an understanding of the world. Please join us for a time to be an imaginative, inquisitive learner.


21st Century Skills, taught by Wayne Fritch

Students in grades 6-8 will be introduced to skills they will need to be familiar with as part of the future workforce. This is a list of the targeted programs and activities:


  • G-Suite CLassroom
  • G-Mail
  • Google Doc
  • Keyboarding techniques (Ultra Keys)
  • Programming (Hour of Code and Scratch)
  • Geographical Information Systems (Arc GIS Online)
  • Digital Literacy/Financial Literacy
  • Accessing on-line learning resources
  • Computer Science Discoveries
  • 3D modeling and printing


Writing, taught by Jeannie Johnson

This class will explore the many styles of writing including narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive. Focus will be on writing clear, cohesive paragraphs and structuring writing effectively. Students will write both for pleasure and real-world purposes and learn how to format their writing to most effectively convey their message. This class will also work on grammar and editing. We will write weekly and work on writing projects throughout the year.