Elementary Classes

Students attending Elementary Enrichment Classes (K-5) meet every Tuesday.

Below is a listing of Enrichment Classes along with the teachers name and a brief discription of content to be taught in the Fall of 2021.

Writing Class

Ms. Jeannie

Our writing classes learn about writing through a variety of ways. Our students write for a variety of purposes: opinion, how-to, point-of-view, comparing and contrasting, and real and imaginative narratives. We use literature as a model of good writing. We work together by brainstorming, using organizers, building stronger sentences, editing and publishing. Our goal is to encourage the love of writing for many purposes.



Ms. Josie

During elementary science enrichment classes students are immersed in hands on learning related to the world around them. Using Foss Science Kits the students learn about rocks,  soils,  insects, ecosystems,  and so much more.



Ms. Mary

The purpose of the CRHSAP physical education program is to engage the student’s body and mind, through a variety of planned activities.  We hope each student reaches their optimum physical, mental, emotional and social development.  Our PE classes will provide activities and sports all students can enjoy and pursue throughout their lives. “Health is to the body what wisdom is to the mind.”


K-1 Back to School Basics (Grades K-1)

Mr. Wayne

This class will help ease K/1 students into basic school behaviors and expectations. Through community circle and calendar time, students will learn about: raising hands, speaking at appropriate times, keeping hands to self, responding to questions, listening to literature read-alouds, and expressing personal ideas. Students will be taught the basics of forming a line, sitting in a circle, walking in a line, how to go through the lunch line, and walk quietly in the hallway. Students will learn about working together, getting along with peers, speaking politely, asking for help, and how to be a friend. Toward the end of the school year, students will be given opportunities to access Chromebooks and early childhood learning apps.


Tech. Tools for Kids (Grades 2-5)

Mr. Wayne

This class will teach kids the basics of using a district issued Chromebook. Basic skills include how to login/logout, use a mouse/trackpad, navigate between open windows, find and launch apps.  Students will be introduced to apps within the Google Suite (Docs, Chrome, Draw, Gmail, Classroom) and others installed or linked on their Chromebook (Classlink,  Typing.com, EPIC Books, GWAEA Online Resources, Mystery Science)


Art Class

Ms. Cheryl

Elementary art’s purpose is to understand and apply the fundamentals of art.  We will learn and practice using tools, such as scissors, glue, painting and drawing tools and more.  An introduction to drawing, painting, ceramics and crafts is followed by a scaffolded approach to art skills every year.  Students will learn about art styles and famous artists along the way.