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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance Program is to provide an educational alternative that benefits homeschooling families, meets the educational requirements of the school district, builds community and considers the best interest of the student.


Home Visits - Home Visits are an important component of the Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance Program. Resource Teachers work with families and provide educational support through curriculum, lesson sharing, assessments, and multiple types of other resources found in our Lending Library and online. 


The Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance Program, CR-HSAP...

Cedar Rapids HSAP began in 1988. We support students in K-12. The program is for parents or guardians who wish to educate their children at home. Our certified teachers support home school families by guiding them in the many decisions needed to give their children the best learning experience possible. We collaborate with other district buildings to provide students dual enrollment options. Students enrolled in CRHSAP can enroll in a variety of classes, clubs and activities in their neighborhood school.


Respecting the uniqueness of each family is important to us. By supporting families with educational goals, graduation requirements, professional materials, teaching techniques and curriculum, we become invested in the success of your home school. 


As you browse our website, you will notice CRHSAP offers a variety of educational activities to enrich your home school. We require sixteen contacts per year with each family. Eight contacts are home visits. The home visits meet the needs of each family. Our resource teachers have met with families in their home, on-site at our location, the library, a restaurant, parks, and more.  Your resource teacher may do an activity with your student at a home visit.  In addition, our teachers offer weekly enrichment classes, field trips, parent workshops and much more